A traveler, an international consultant and entrepreneur, and a public intellectual who knows no borders.

As a global citizen, Tinyan is a published author, a recipient of the Female Entrepreneur of the Year award, a former radio show co-host of the program, Unheard Voices of African Women, an energetic public speaker, mentor, trainer, entrepreneur, and consultant with enriching experiences that span the globe. Through her travels to and work in various countries, Tinyan developed a strong passion to positively contribute to the lives of women and youth – a passion that continues to animate her multifaceted and eclectic career.

Tinyan can bring you in on, and draw from, innovative industry insights to bolster your business development activities in real time. As Principal of TinyanOtuomagie and On Track, both international consulting practices, Tinyan offers personal development coaching and customized training programs to individual, corporate, non-profit, and government stakeholders. Using her expertise in training and facilitation, Tinyan empowers women and youth to become economically self-sufficient, hold space at decision-making tables, share their stories, embark on personal development and self-discovery, make positive contributions to their families, workplaces, and communities. Notably, she offers a step-by-step training program for would-be women entrepreneurs to help them to move their business ideas from their heads into reality. Tinyan’s training programs and systems build the capacities of those who are ready and committed to work hard, want to gain freedom in specific areas of their lives, and live their lives on purpose.   

As a risk taker and serial entrepreneur, Tinyan owns Silk and Sassy lingerie, the go-to place for inclusive and high-quality women’s intimate apparel in Africa, and she is also the founder of The Nigerian Girls Arise Mentoring Initiative and Friends of African Women Association, two non-governmental organizations that focus on women and girls’ rights, political participation, gender-based violence, entrepreneurship, and economic self-sufficiency.

What’s more, as a PhD student who situates her work as a feminist, political, economic geographer, Tinyan’s research interests are:

  • Gendered Entrepreneurial Subjectivity and Class 
  • Spatialities and practices of women’s entrepreneurship 
  • Women entrepreneurs of urban economy
  • Gender, financial subjectivity, and financial inclusion/access

Today, Tinyan is blessed to have a large international network of friends and business partners – with room to accommodate more!